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IEEE 45th Annual Conference of the Industrial Electronics Society (IECON) 2019

31 August, 2018

IECON 2019 will be held in Lisvon, Portugal from 14-17 October 2019. Technical papers for regular and special session are invited for submission. The submission deadline is 1 April 2019. Tutorials are also invited. 

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IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electroncis (ISIE) 2019

31 August, 2018

Welcome to the 28th International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE), held Wednesday through Friday, 12–14 June 2019, at Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront, Vancouver, Canada. Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront is one of Vancouver’s most stunning downtown venues with breathtaking views of Coal Harbour and the North Shore mountains. The ISIE annually gathers together Industry experts, researchers and academics to share ideas and experiences surrounding frontier technologies, breakthroughs, innovative solutions, research results, as well as initiatives related to industrial electronics and their applications. Several well-known academic and industrial experts will deliver the plenary and keynote talks. It is a great opportunity to meet old friends and colleagues, find new ones and attend many high-quality technical activities as well as very enjoyable social ones. We hope 2019 ISIE will be a remarkable and unforgettable event.

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IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT) 2019

1 August, 2018

Welcome Message from the General Chairs Dear Participants of ICIT 2019, The IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology is one of the flagship conferences of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society. This prestigious event is held every year in a different part of the world. The aim of this conference is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of emerging industrial technologies and for professional interactions. Additionally, it serves as a conduit for channelling advanced technology to the regional industry. On behalf of the Industrial Electronics Society (IES) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the main sponsor of this prestigious international event, and on behalf of the conference’s various committees it is our pleasure and honour to invite and welcome you as a participant in IEEE-ICIT 2019 in Australia. As you are aware, globalization and tariff cuts forced many industries to operate on a continually diminishing profit margin. This environment has created the current urge to develop and implement more efficient industrial practice. Therefore, technology development and implementations (e.g. Automation, Robotisation, Mechatronics applications, etc) play an important role in making industry more sustainable in an increasingly competitive world. Regional industry in Australia and world-wide is in the forefront of facing those economic challenges. Therefore, this conference, in addition to its usual Technical Tracks, will conduct a special stream on: “Advanced Automation in Mining Engineering” The conference topics scope covers the standing series topics which includes among other topics Robotics and Mechatronics, Power Electronics, Sensing and Artificial Intelligence, Electrical machines, Power and Energy Systems, Systems Reliability, Industrial Informatics, In addition to the high technical standard expected of this conference, we aim to give all participants a real taste of the true Australian culture in the great city of Melbourne which internationally voted, for seven years in a row (2011-2017), the “World’s Most Liveable City”! The dedicated conference teams are currently working hard on making this conference not only intellectually stimulating but also an unforgettable pleasant experience for all participants. We look forward to welcome you in ICIT 2019 and wish you a fruitful and enjoyable stay in Australia.

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Effects of modulation techniques on the input current interharmonics of Adjustable Speed Drives

10 June, 2018

Adjustable speed drives (ASDs) based on a three-phase front-end diode rectifier connected to a rearend inverter may generate interharmonic distortion in the grid. The interharmonic components can create power quality problems in the distribution networks such as interference with the ripple control signals, and consequently they can hamper the normal operation of the grid.

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Handling strategy of dynamic resource events in cyber-physical production systems by a multi-criterial and multi-operational approach

25 May, 2018

This paper proposes a handling strategy for dynamic resource events in Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS). Because of the increasing complexity and the dynamic run-time behavior, future automation systems become more and more fragile. New methods are needed to deal with such a dynamic behavior, exploiting existing degrees of freedom. Currently, existing methods are limited to single resource operations and/or single-criteria metrics.

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Milos Manic – Chair (2014-2015)
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