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IES Technical Committees

TC-1: Building Automation, Control and Management
Jan Haase - Chair (2014-2015)
TC-2: Cloud and Wireless Systems for Industrial Applications
Kim F Tsang - Chair (2015-2016)
TC-3: Control, Robotics and Mechatronics
Peter Korondi- Chair (2014-2015)
TC-4: Data Driven Control and Monitoring
Shen Yin – Chair (2015-2016)
TC-5: Education in Engineering and Industrial Technologies
Joao Martins - Chair (2014-2015)
TC-6: Electrical Machines
Chris Gerada  - Chair (2015-2016)
TC-7: Electronic Systems on Chip (ESOC)
Marc Perron - Chair (2014-2015)
TC-8: Energy Storage
Mo Yuen Chow – Chair (2015-2016)
TC-9: Factory Automation
Lucia Lo Bello - Chair (2014-2015)
TC-10: Human Factors
Kang Hyun Jo - Chair (2014-2015)
TC-11: Industrial Agents
Paulo Leitao - Chair (2014-2015)
TC-12: Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems
Armando Walter Colombo - Chair (2015-2016)
TC-13: Industrial Informatics
Elizabeth Chang - Chair (2014-2015)
TC-14: MEMS & Nanotechnologies
Ridha Ben Mrad - Chair (2015-2016)
TC-15: Motion Control
Roberto Oboe - Chair (2014-2015)
TC-16: Network-based Control Systems and Applications
Qing-Long Han - Chair (2014-2015)
TC-17: Power Electronics Technical Committee (PETC)
Herbert Hess - Chair (2015-2016)
TC-18: Renewable Energy Systems
Ramon Blasco-Gimenez - Chair (2015-2016)
TC-19: Resilience and Security for Industrial Applications (ReSia)
Milos Manic – Chair (2014-2015)
TC-20: Sensors and Actuators
Toshiyuki Murakami - Chair (2014-2015)
TC-21: Smart Grids
Peter Palensky – Chair (2015-2016)
TC-22: Standards
Victor Huang - Chair (2014-2015)
TC-23: Transportation Electrification
Sheldon Williamson - Chair (2014-2015)

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